Considering Change


Together, we can fix it!

Is your house a maze of stuff that overwhelms and stumps you? 

Copyright 2013, Debora G. Russell Baier

“Don’t agonize. Organize. “

        Florence Kennedy

Where Do I Begin?

You look around your home and realize IT’S TIME. It’s time for your home to be comfortable and efficient. Having restful and effortlessly space means:

  1. your belongings have a place and purpose (including giving you enjoyment)

  2. your space fits you

  3. you and your family feel at home

  4. living the life you want in your home

To make this a reality, something has to change. And, it’s time to make that change. That may seem impossible to you because:

  1. you don’t know where to begin

  2. you’re not sure what to DO with what you have

  3. you’re not sure what you want your space to become

  4. organizing takes time and time is hard to find

  5. change is hard and messy work

These concerns are normal!  But with focused guidance, we can find the time and make a plan to:

  1. develop a system to maintain a home that suits you

  2. discover the best your home can be

  3. replace quick fixes with real change for the way you live

  4. make the home you’ve always wanted

Have hope! An Organizer may be just the solution you need to change your home to one that reflects the life you want!Having someone on your side is half the battle! Together, we can make revitalizing your space an adventure to savor.