Creating Change Together


Let’s Get To Work... Together!

Working together is about being partners in            recreating your space so that it is designed to fit you. You will feel good about your home because It will work with you rather than against you. We can create a natural and efficient flow for all your possessions across the rooms of your space.  The ultimate goal is to find the best possible place for each item in your home, so everything has a home and there is a home for everything.

This process may include:

  1. giving treasured items a more prominent place in your life and space

  2. recognizing that some items, while useful, need to find a new job or role in your home

  3. deciding that some belongings can be let go for someone else to value and use

What You Can Expect:

At our first session, I will walk through the spaces you’re comfortable showing me while we discuss how each room does or does not work for you. Then, 

  1. you will let me know where your organizing priorities lie

  2. we will map out what to expect from this adventure

  3. we will tackle your stickiest clutter and inefficient use of your spaces together 

  4. we will organize your home so that you are able to live more comfortably and effectively

I can hardly wait!

Copyright 2013, Debora G. Russell Baier

“Successful organizing is based on the recognition that people get organized because they, too, have a vision.”

Paul Wellstone

In this process, my promise will be to not: 

  1. judge you or your home

  2. urge you throw away your belongings

  3. give you a one-size-fits-all plan in how to manage your things or space