Terms for Working Together


Deciding to transform your space takes courage. Once you make that choice, other decisions will follow:  how much or how little you want to tackle, how often we will meet, and how long we will spend during each session.

In our partnership, expect to: 

  1. give time and effort

  2. have candid discussions about what you want

  3. to have by the end of our work

  4. periodically review what is and is not working

  5. for you

Although it is not possible to know in advance exactly

how much time will be needed for a given project,

I will provide a rough idea how long the project is

likely to take. Here are some loose guidelines:

  1. closet = 4-8 hours

  2. bedroom = 8-12 hours

  3. kitchen = 10-14 hours

  4. garage = 8-12 hours

  5. home office = 16-24 hours

  6. add an additional 4-8 hours for a large room

My services are offered on a per-hour basis, with payment due at the end of each session. 

Optionally, packages are available in blocks of pre-paid hours, which can bring significant savings for the total cost of the project. Schedules for hourly rates and discount packages are available upon request.

Call or email to arrange an assessment session.

Copyright 2013, Debora G. Russell Baier

“The price of anything

is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

            Henry David Thoreau