“Candy Baier was my rock, support and very concrete helper after my husband passed away in spring of 2008. Candy came every week with her to-do list (to help relocate to another state), a time line for the move, and we set to work systematically from room to room and closet to closet. Of course I had to make the final decision as to what I wanted to bring and what could be sold, donated or discarded. It was difficult for me considering my emotional state, however, with her practical sense and gentle encouragement we made good progress.”

Iris G.

Candy Russell-Baier is a great organizer! I asked Candy to help me organize my food pantry. Not only did we get it organized but I also sorted out why it had become a problem in the first place. I have a digestive disorder and I have quite a few food restrictions. We put all of my food on one side, shared food in the middle, and my husband’s food on the other side. Now we are clearer about what we have and what we need. And I don’t have to look at and sort through food I can’t eat anyway. I feel much more positive about my options and things are more efficient and functional. Candy’s approach was gentle, and she had good questions and great suggestions. She let my needs lead the way and was very skillful in her recommendations. I highly recommend Candy as an organizer!


Penni Marvel, CPC,

Certified Personal Coach, Declutter Coach

Candy’s professionalism and compassion helped my client move her mother from her apartment into an Assisted Living community.  There was significant downsizing, sorting, and categorizing that needed to be done within a period of eight hours. Candy’s calm and assured demeanor helped my client “keep it all together,” as she says. At the new home, Candy made sure that everything was put it it’s proper place, down to having the pictures in the exact same location and angle on the étagère. Without Candy we could not have made the transition so smoothly for both mother and daughter. We highly recommend Candy.

Sylvana Rinehart

Elder Care Specialist

Cornerstone – Senior Care Solutions

As a volunteer with a hospice and home care organization, I occasionally provide organizing services to their patients. As a volunteer, I don’t ask for payment and do not ask for testimonials. However, their staff have passed along the following appreciation:

You made a big impact on the home health patient you helped last week! The Occupational Therapist wrote:


“I just wanted to give a great big “MAHALO” (which means “thank you” in Hawaiian) to Candy for doing an AMAZING 6-hour job at helping to organize my patient’s VERY cluttered apartment. My patient now has a clear path to maneuver her wheelchair in her room and in the kitchen!”


 Another one of the clinicians made a personal visit to our office to say how grateful she was for the wonderful job that you did. You really knocked her socks off!  And let me tell you, we don’t often get that kind of response from the Home Health folks. They just don’t work with volunteers as much and don’t know what you are capable of. But we do and we appreciate it.                                           

From Volunteer Coordinator

July 3, 2012

And regarding work with another patient:

“…  the physical therapist for the patient you recently helped said that the patient was very happy with the help she received from you. The PT said the patient really appreciated the help and the PT appreciates that her room is now more accessible and safer! As always, we also appreciate everything you do for our patients! You are one of the very few volunteers we have that are both willing to do this type of work and are very good at it.  You have a special talent and we are grateful you choose to share it with our patients.

February 6, 2012

Copyright 2013, Debora G. Russell Baier

Candy helped me sort through years of nostalgia mixed with function and neglect in my belongings, after periods of storage, life changes, and short-term living arrangements while I traveled. Even though I'm a fairly organized person, and I don't have tons of stuff, this job was just too big for me to take care of alone. Candy's kind and supportive manner helped me face the job. I'm grateful for her compassion as well as her clarity. She made the work enjoyable, and ultimately, simple. Thank you, Candy!

Liza B.

November 2013